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versions of batman i actually like:

  • actual honest to god mystery/crime solving batman, with actual mysteries and crimes to solve (very very rare)
  • silver age + adam west batman, goofy and fun and charming as hell
  • batman as figure who wants nothing more than to have a family and is desperately trying to figure out how to actually be a good parent/move away from the constant war

versions of batman i can’t fucking stand

  • "batman is the best because batman"

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before you do something please ask yourself “is this something that steve rogers would do” and if it isn’t, don’t do it

i’m gonna fist fight someone in an alley

I’m gonna give my best friend an ulcer.

I’m gonna have hot sex with Bucky

I’m gonna jump out of a plane with no chute.

I’m gonna ditch my best friend on the last night he has in town before he’s shipped over seas to war, because I’d rather go lie to the government. Again. For the second time today. And the sixth time this year.

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